Is debt reunification the best option?

In these times it is quite difficult to live without financial support. We can feel drowned especially if we are enterprising people with the intention of carrying out projects. Families also have many expenses and need to meet the needs of their members.

That is why indebtedness is usually normal for a middle-income person. And it is also quite common to go to the loan with different entities in the search to find one that best suits the particular situation we are going through. Therefore having more than one creditor is a rare circumstance that can make us live quite drowned.

This can lead us to live an unsustainable situation. Our economic situation may change and we may not respond to all debts. On the other hand, its management is difficult. Dealing with various entities each with its conditions and deadlines, can be complicated and create situations that can create more cost. That is why the figure of debt reunification appears.

How to reunify debts?

How to reunify debts?

Debt reunification is a figure whereby all debits will be concentrated in only one that will be managed by a mediating agency. Loans will be canceled. The amounts due will be unified into a single debt that will be assumed by the mediating agency as the sole debtor.

In this way a single installment will be established that can be negotiated to better adapt to the debtor’s economic situation. In this way the reunification of debts extinguishes the relationship with former creditors, and establishes a mode of payment that facilitates compliance by the debtor.

Good reasons to opt for debt reunification

Good reasons to opt for debt reunification

This facilitates the management of loans since a single creditor appears to be the mediating agency. Normally these agencies are specialists in this figure and will be accustomed to dealing with financiers. That is why you can find solutions to a difficult financial situation.

The fact of setting up a new loan installment is done to establish financial conditions that facilitate the payment of the debt. This way you can adjust your economy without the need for defaults. Debt reunification is a good tool to achieve a more stable economic situation.

Although a substantial change in the debt is not made since the amount will remain the same if the change in the payment methods makes your payment more comfortable and therefore will improve our quality of life. In addition, the fact that we only have to address a single interlocutor will make all the procedures easier.

New conditions will have to be negotiated in relation to interest and repayments, and some type of mortgage guarantee will normally have to be offered. Although the transactions with the old creditors are settled, the debtor acquires a new debt whose creditor is the mediating agency.

The expenses and commissions of this new loan will be assumed by the debtor, and in addition the mediating agency will take a commission. You have to appreciate that the disbursement of these payments will solve many problems in your financial management.

On the one hand, you will avoid defaults (which can be very expensive) and you will not have to worry about possible foreclosures or judicial executions. On the other hand, adjusting the quota will allow you to make a financial plan that will favor savings. The idea is to overcome the difficult economic situation with the help of the mediating entity.

A more orderly economic plan

A more orderly economic plan

Therefore, it is advisable that the reunification of debts be a part of a financial plan where it has been taken into account that this action helps to settle the debts within a certain period. The objective is to achieve economic stability and solve the different economic problems that have arisen. That is why it helps us to financial self-management .

Order and control of expenses is essential for the personal and family economy. It is quite normal to apply for loans in a disorganized manner that leads us to undesirable situations. Financial reunification is a figure that helps us to order and teaches us the need to control our financial activities .

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