I fell into a debt loop, I have payday loans for USD 21,000!

I fell into a debt loop and I can’t do it alone. My husband and loved ones do not know anything, I was alone with it. The total amount to be repaid is USD 21,000 – payday loans and debt to the brother. My husband gives me 1000 dollars for children, I have 500 plus, I have worked so far, so somehow it went, but now I am not working and the curonian wine is also over. I intend to take up my next job.

I would like to borrow 20,000 somewhere and pay back one loan, eg for 5 years, and thus get out of debt. I have no more strength.


Debt loop – payday loans and loneliness

Debt loop - payday loans and loneliness

The impact of loneliness on the human psyche is not good, it is known. However, what you write indicates that you made this choice yourself. You write that neither your relatives nor your husband know about your debts and that you are left alone with all this. So why don’t you tell the truth to your husband? that you have debts and that you can’t copy alone anymore? Your husband gives you USD 1,000 for children, because he probably doesn’t know that you need a lot more! I think that you lead to this situation yourself.

The husband is not to give 1000 dollars / month for children, the husband is to support you in difficult moments, the husband is to face everyday problems with you! eg just debts! I think you are ashamed of having taken so many payday loans in secret from him, right? you cut off your husband from the chance to choose whether to take payday pay or not, now that you can’t deal with it yourself, you need support in your husband. But how do you ask for your husband’s support when debt incurrence has ceased?

It will be hard for you to admit to your husband about your debts, but you have to do it. he will definitely be pissed off (who would not be pissed), but he will go over him and face these problems together.


Finding a job

Finding a job

Finding a job is my favorite way to get out of debt, remember that not only should you find a job, you need to find a job for decent money! Tyranny hours and days at a low price will not help, and will build in you even more anger for growing debts.

This attitude does not help, it even hinders optimism and quenches faith in getting out of debt. Know that people who have debts, not seeing the chance to get out of them, very often get into debt even more because they stop caring about their own fate. they become indifferent!


Consolidation of payday loans

payday loans

Payday consolidation is not cheap, you must know! If you don’t have a job yet, then probably no private loan company will grant you such a loan, you have no income, and 500+ and 1000 USD from your husband “for children” – will not be considered by the employee of the parabank as income!

A much better solution would be to speak honestly with your husband, reveal his debts to him and justify the decision to keep his debts secret from him.

Certainly for some time he will be pissed at you then be patient and wait for him to pass and reconcile! Then pay off the debts you made and never do it again. We keep our fingers crossed for you and for talking with your husband who will be waiting soon.

It’s really not worth getting into debt again and getting into debt even deeper, as I wrote earlier, consolidation of payday loans is not cheap and it is not worth deciding on it!